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From conventional HSE training to our specialised Safety Culture training and analysis we have the training solution you are looking for.

SCS's experience in HSE Analysis is not limited to our training simulator alone. Clients who want to know more about what the HSE culture of their own organisation looks like can implement many of the systems that SCS has developed.

Performance Management

The SCS HSE Performance Management System gives you the ability to get right into the heart of how your company is operating. As your databases grow, your insights into where HSE is working grows too. Where your company and its people are exposed is immediately visible in the statistics.

The Gauge

For organisations with several departments and possibly operating over a number of sites, The Gauge brings all your HSE indicators to a single point. Your CEO is a busy person, he or she does not always have the luxury of being able to delve deeply into the day to day operating stats. Yet these individuals are the ones who are most exposed if disaster does strike. The Gauge enables them to focus on where HSE issues exist, right down to individual departments' performance.

HSE MS Implementation

How many HSE MS documents lie on the shelf gathering dust? For a document that is intended to be a living system, they are most often never linked back into the daily operations of the organisation. The HSE MS implementation system offers you just that option.

Safety Climate

The SCS Safety Climate process provides you with a day by day evaluation of Safety Climate in your company. Current Safety Climate surveys only provide a snapshot. TheSCS approach closes the loop and lets you view your Safety Climate at any time without needing to inconvenience your workforce with yet another survey.