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This level of advanced Safety Culture training is not necessarily for everyone.

The Safety Culture Training Simulator is not intended to apply to every member of your workforce. The system by its very nature is designed to give managers and supervisors the opportunity to gain several years' experience of the HSE issues that can affect any organisation which faces HSE risks.

The ideal candidate will be a manager or supervisor who either has significant HSE responsibility today or is likely to in the future. Candidates at every level from supervisor to the CEO will benefit from the simulator experience as they are all in a position to influence HSE performance in their organisation.

It would also be misleading to suggest that the Training Simulator is all things for all companies. Clearly, small companies employing a mostly white collar workforce in an office environment will not necessarily derive as much insight as an organisation which faces higher risks on a daily basis. That does not mean that there is not valuable learning to be gained by everyone; rather that theTraining Simulator is intended to address the issue of helping management in higher risk industries understand the Safety Culture "Big Picture".


As recent history has demonstrated, an event thousands of miles away can have catastrophic consequences not only for the Company but for the CEO.

Area Managers

How confident are you that some department in your area of responsibility is not becoming an increasing risk to the organisaiton? Learn how to measure and evaluate all of your direct reports' performances.

Department Managers

Do you know how your department is functioning? Are you aware of where your operation might be affecting the overall integrity of the company?


You are at the frontline of your company's HSE performance. Are you clear on how your work and Safety Culture can affect the company as a whole?