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Dedicated to assisting organisations measure, understand and improve their Safety Culture.

What we do

As the world as a whole demands higher and higher HSE standards, so line management is coming under increased pressure to deliver these standards to a society whose tolerance for HSE deficiencies continues to diminish. Over the last few decades, huge improvements have been achieved by industry and many organisations now stand ready to make that final step towards a zero accident culture.

To make that final step, organisations are going to have to change the way they manage HSE. The tools and techniques which brought society to where we are today are not those which will take us to the next stage in HSE evolution.

Safety Culture Services Ltd. is not a company which provides traditional safety training such as PTW, PPE, HAZOP etc. There are other training providers out there who are far better placed to deliver conventional HSE courses.

SCS provides tools and training to help organisations get to grips with their Safety Culture and effect improvements where required. The Safety Culture Training Simulator (SCTS) developed by SCS provides attendees with the unique opportunity to BE the managing director of a company. Running on a bank of 16 computers, the programme faithfully represents the day to day functioning of a company of c. 1,000 people in respect of its HSE performance and issues. Throughout the learning process, information flows to the attendee in the form of graphs, charts, emails and face to face communications. Over a quarter of a million data items and literally hundreds of emails from the attendee’s senior management team and the board of directors make up a vast knowledge base which the attendee learns to interpret. SCS is confident that it has an innovative solution to the Safety Culture conundrum and one which will truly facilitate real change in management's understanding of Safety Culture.

Here at SCS, we have developed a variety of new HSE Leading Metrics to assist attendees to understand the HSE “big picture” being presented during the learning process. The Proactivity Index (PI) , Culture Index (CI), Leading Indicator Index (LII) and Reporting Index (RI) are just 4 metrics that participants learn to interpret.

In order to assess the attendee’s grasp of the knowledge he has obtained, he is required to make presentations during the training to members of the “board”.

From the CEO to the supervisor at the work face, the SCTS provides 5 years of invaluable, true to life experience.